Kit-of-parts model

The PreFab Eco Smart House was designed to an be industrialized level, following the idea of the "kit-of-parts model". In particular, the standard house model - CORE UNIT - can be extended following simple steps both horizontally and vertically - up to 2 floors. Its structural system allows multiple assembly options and the creation of different spatial arrangements, while the shell consists of a set of panels, which can be assembled and / or removed, giving the desired flexibility. The described system made it possible to explore forms of permanent residence. The latter opens a new and very promising field of research, as it could combine the advantages of prefabrication and the conventional housing model.

Infinite possibilities..

The system applied, allows for a large number of design possibilities, which are adapted to the needs of each user, always following passive design strategies such as the exploitation of solar profits, natural lighting and ventilation to achieve energy savings and thermal comfort.

Aesthetic and Comfort..

The proposed furniture collection, with open and closed storage options, gives to the space a unique look.
The standardization in load-bearing elements and filling elements of the building shell ensures a high degree of factory prefabrication, giving to the housing model the possibility of easy and fast "assembly" and transportation.
The minimization of energy consumption by applying passive energy strategies following the principles that indicated by bioclimatic design, is the main design approach.
The term “Smart-House” is achieved by installing electronic sensors which constantly record relative environmental parameters, passive elements (openings and overhangs) as well as heating, cooling and lighting components.
Ease of the expendability and in general the transformation of the outer shell, as well as the interior features and equipment of the unit, thus allowing the unit to easily adapt to the modern era needs, as well as those of the individual user.
Predetermined cost of housing unit according to the choices of each user. A series of automations and technologically "smart" solutions enhance the effort to save resources.
The installation of renewable energy systems achieves energy autonomy of the proposed housing model.
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