The proposed housing unit harmonically blends Prefabrication,
Bioclimatic Design and Smart Automation Systems.

PreFab Eco Smart House CORE UNIT

The structural system of the core housing unit (21m2) was designed to expand in both horizontal and vertical axes up to two floors, with simple design and construction steps. The standardization of the proposed housing unit, which contributes to its reduced cost, makes it an affordable housing option for vulnerable groups, either individually or even in a cluster of units.
  • length (internal) :  7.0 meters

  • width (internal) :  3.0 meters

  • height (internal) :  2.7 meters

  • Indoor area :  21 square meters

  • length (external) :  ~7.2 meters

  • width (external) :  ~4.75 meters

  • height (external) :  ~3.15 meters

  • total area :  ~34 square meters

PreFab Eco Smart House DUO

The PreFab Eco Smart House DUO will meet the needs for young couples or families or anyone seeking for a modern and advanced technological design for their home, with the added advantage of reduced construction timeframe, lower construction and life costs, and high level of adjustment in bioclimatic terms.
  • length (internal) :  7.0 meters

  • width (internal) :  9.2 meters

  • height (internal) :  2.7 meters

  • indoor area :  51 square meters

  • length (internal) :  ~7.2 meters

  • width (external) :  ~11.0 meters

  • height (external) :  ~3.15 meters

  • Total area :  ~79 square meters

PreFab Eco Smart House CORE UNIT

PreFab Eco Smart House DUO

Internal shots (under construction ...)


The housing unit was designed to a level of industrialization, with the design following the concept of a “kit-of-parts model.” The design decisions led to a structural system composed of specially configured elements, aiming to provide flexibility in construction by offering multiple assembly possibilities. The adaptation of this system is expected to lead to standardization in the production process and keep the overall construction costs at a minimum.

Bioclimatic Design approach

The shell of the unit is formed by assembling panels, which can be installed and uninstalled with a relatively straight-forward procedure, making the unit very flexible in terms of construction. Different textures and materials are proposed in an extroverted shell, which seamlessly connects the interior of the house with the external environment, always adapting to the climatic data of the island. Minimizing energy consumption through the bioclimatic design approach is the main design strategy.

Smart Automaton Systems

An element defining the PreFab Eco Smart House is the automation of the home unit through its passive interaction with the user, by building a user’s profile based on recording behavioral patterns. Through these patterns, a users’ profile is built, according to which the control system performs actions that are in accordance with its preferences. The installation of a smart automation system to regulate and take over the efficient energy management of the unit leads to enhanced control of energy consumption and at the same time creates ideal conditions for minimizing it.

Ideal lines

In the interior, emphasis is given to simple lines, which can offer significant space saving, while keeping functionality in acceptable levels. The walls, ceilings, floors, and furniture collection are designed to harmonically blend with one another, so that the result has coherent aesthetics and ideal lines.
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